E-Squared Productions

E-Squared Productions is a premier entertainment company with a highly skilled team of outgoing and friendly entertainers. The Team at E-Squared Productions have shared a passion for creating memorable events and bringing people together on the day of your event.

Our core strengths are providing exciting and upbeat entertainment to suit every unique audience, while also providing the latest in audio-visual set-ups, lighting, photo booths and live entertainment.



Looking to add a dramatic and fun flare to your party to really wow your guests? Add sparklers to your entrance or by your DJ booth. The options are endless!



The future is now when our L.E.D. robot enters an event Watch the crowd's reaction as thousands of L.E.D. lights starts illuminating from the robots high tech gear. Our L.E.D. comes equipped with laser beams and CO2 cannons. A perfect fit for a night-club style party or any party looking for a special wow factor!

donut wall.jpg


Donuts at a party? We can’t think of anything sweeter! Lately, a lot of people have been opting for entire dessert table spreads in lieu of (or in addition to) a single cake. A donut wall creates the perfect backdrop to a dessert station and displays your sweets in a beautiful way at your event.

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step & repeats

From graphic design layout and production, to an on-site photo shoot with instant photo printing... we cover it all! Our professional design team will turn your party logos into a promotional step & repeat work of art!


candy tables

Create the ultimate “help yourself” party favor when you offer guests a candy table at your next party. This trendy idea scales for any gathering, large or small.


Looking to create a grand entrance worth remembering? Maybe you want to add some unexpected energy on the dance floor?  Why not use co2-jets.  Our CO2's are sure to captivate the attention of every one at your event.

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This is the future of monogram & image projection at weddings, corporate events, parties, & other events, and our goal is to make the images you project look amazing!

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Dance on the clouds

While intimate lighting certainly creates an elegant scene, the thought of dancing on clouds is something of a fantasy-world idea.